Brad has a problem and he knows it. His soon-to-be-ex wife is found dead in his house and the police think he did it. A pesky newspaper reporter thinks this good-boy-gone-bad story might help her career and she won’t let Brad alone.

Brad also has another, even bigger problem. The real killer wants to keep attention focused on Brad to avoid detection. As Brad works to find the real killer and clear himself, he starts to realize he’s being framed by a killer with connections that can put Brad away for the rest of his life.

With his life at stake, Brad desperately works to confront the government corruption closing in on him and take the battle to where government likes to hide it’s dirty plans: Downtown.

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Electronic Version Kindle Only (for now)

I was asked the other day about a version of Downtown and Dirty for the Nook (Barnes and Noble reader).

When Downtown and Dirty was published for the Kindle an agreement was entered into with Amazon to keep the electronic version exclusive to Amazon for a period of three months.

So, look for a version for the Nook, as well as electronic versions available here in Mid May. Until then Kindle owners have exclusive access to digital versions of Downtown and Dirty. Don’t forget though, that Kindle readers are available for your PC or Mac or even your smart phone.

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